Saturday, 6 August 2011


Daft Punk, Da Funk, Soma
Daft Punk released their seminal record ‘Da Funk‘ on Glaswegian techno label Soma back in 1996. However, Daft Punk had originaly intended to send the label a different track…

The track remained forgotten, until now, where it was stumbled upon by the Soma team. To find a hidden gem like this from the glory days of French house really is like striking oil.

Chris Lamb from Soma tells the story of how they came across the forgotten track…

“At the tail end of 2010 we combed through boxes of DATs, pictures and god knows what else to find artefacts of Soma’s early days. Imagine our surprise when we discovered a tape simply titled ‘Daft Drive’. We hooked up the DAT machine and inserted the tape with the utmost care, pressing play and praying that for one, the tape contained what we hoped, and two, that it didn’t savage it like a dog chewing on a bone. In amongst the hiss and crackle, a monstrous 909 kick drum began to thud – Daft Punk’s Drive track had been rediscovered. Playing through was live Daft Punk: the freaky vocals, pounding Roland drums & synths and that distinctive DP compression. After standing in awed silence, witnessing this moment, the track faded off and we heard the sounds of French words that the recording had been made over; the remnants of their parent’s audio collection. The tape had originally been sent with Rollin’ and Scratchin’ to be released as Soma25 but Soma asked these two bright-eyed and techno-bound Frenchmen, to finish and send Da Funk instead and DRIVE was shelved for a later date. Until now.”

‘Drive unreleased 1994′ is going to be available on the ’20 Years of Soma’ compilation album that you can pre-order HERE

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