Friday, 12 August 2011


Pete Tong granted restraining order
Pete Tong has had to get a restraining order against Shara Nelson after she claimed that she was his wife. The Massive Attack singer has been harrassing the Radio 1 star with nuisance phone calls and even told Pete’s colleagues that she was his manager.

Understandably, poor old Tongy has been finding the whole palava rather stressful, and eventually decided to apply for a restraining order. In court, Nelson even introduced herself as Shara Tong. West London magistrates gave her a 12 month community order and 80 hours of community service. It’s also claimed that Nelson was banned indefinitely from contacting Tong or his friends and family. Presumably, she’s still allowed to listen to him every Friday night on Radio 1.

Luckily the episode hasn’t affected Pete’s DJ schedule, he’s still rocking Pacha, Ibiza every Friday night. Though it’s unlikely he’s going to end his sets with ‘Unfinished Sympathy’...

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