Monday, 8 August 2011


deadmau5, new live show, Lollapalooza
On Sunday night at Grant Park in Chicago, deadmau5 raised the curtain on his all-new live show. The occasion was a headline slot at Lollapalooza 2011, closing one of the mainstages, while Foo Fighters took care of the other. In terms of triumphant festival appearances for a dance music act, it’s certainly up there. It should come as no surprise, then, that the tireless tech-geek has been working around the clock to come up with something that’ll top the ‘Rubik’s Cube’ he retired at 'T In The Park' last month..

“We’re all freaking out. It’s awesome,” the mau5 otherwise known as Joel Zimmerman told Time Out Chicago last week. “Right now we’re working on the actual technology to control all the cool stuff. Otherwise it’s just going to be a lot of expensive stuff up on a stage and everyone’s going to go, ‘Woo… But what does it do?’ But we’re working on it and I think we’ll figure it out. My career depends on it.”

The other big news for deadmau5’s rabid fans is the announcement of the winner of Joel's ‘design the next deadmau5 head’ competition. Unfortunately Dirty Smart's entry didn't make the cut, however MAD props to the winner.
You can check out the winning entry HERE, or just wait to see it on his head at some later date...

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