Sunday, 14 August 2011


Marc Romboy, The Emulator
Always on the front line of innovation within the EDM scene, Marc Romboy is readying his latest and greatest venture in the launch of 'The Emulator' – a high-tech interface that replaces traditional turntables and CDJs in the DJ booth.

As seen in the preview video below, Romboy’s got a whole mess of buttons and snazzy colours at his fingertips with the Emulator’s touchscreen DJ setup which was developed by tech-head DJs Alan Smithson and Pablo Martin.

Romboy will be taking his new toy out on the road this month starting at London’s Ministry Of Sound this weekend. From there he’ll take it across Europe for some more preview shows and a workshop to show it all off.

Scope out the video below and see for yourself how the Emulator looks in action...

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