Monday, 22 August 2011


Fedde Le Grand, Green
“I was shocked at the size of my carbon footprint. When we crunched the numbers and worked out how many miles I’d flown and the amount of fuel the jet had used, it works out at 325 trees to offset it, which is practically a small forest!!”

So said Fedde le Grand after calculating the environmental cost of what has been a truly jet-set couple of months. But the flying Dutchman will be doing his bit for the environment by planting over 300 trees to offset his considerable carbon footprint.

The huge demand for Fedde’s presence at clubs and festivals across Europe this summer has seen him incorporate a private jet into proceedings to ensure he made his vast commitments on time. But the constant criss-crossing across the continent comes at a cost to the delicate balance of our environment – and it’s a cost that Fedde is mindful of.

“Using a jet is a luxury for anyone, and that of course includes myself but with my massive summer tour diary it was something that I really had to do to keep on top of things.” Fedde said.

“There’s no excuse for not compensating for the amount of travel I’ve done, it’s simply a case of everyone doing their own bit to help the overall situation and by planting these trees I’m helping to do my part to protect the planet – always a good thing!”

If you feel inspired by Fedde’s green commitments then you can follow suit by offsetting your own travel costs HERE

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