Saturday, 13 August 2011


StereoHeroes come out to play
I’m a huge fan of StereoHeroes. Their productions are top notch and they know exactly how to smash a dancefloor to smithereens.

They sent me a tune this evening, and it’s only fair for me to share it with you peeps!

The Offspring – Come Out And Play (Keep ‘em Separated)(StereoHeroes Remix)

Thanks to Seb & Fab, my ears are delighted this evening…

For those who don’t know about StereoHeroes, let me enlighten you...

StereoHeroes are an electronic duo formed in early 2008, consisting of Fabrice Delcambre and Sébastien Plé (Fab & Seb).
The two heroes discovered the wonders of electro parties in the mid 90s, and quickly began learning to mix and compose.

Eventually meeting in 2004, Fab & Seb forged a close relationship, with mutual desire to combat the growing minimal music trend, bring back smiles and lift hands on the dance floor.

Their first tracks were acclaimed by blogs around the world, and within a few months they were asked to play a world tour across Australia, Japan, China, Canada, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Poland, & Belgium.

A year later they were set up for their first U.S. tour, playing to crowds of 50,000+.
Real heroes are not masked, not wearing fluorescent tights, but donning dope threads (Dirty Smart obvs), fully energized, smashing the sh*t out of smilie party people.

Their unique sound of, melting deadly basslines, jumping rhythms and delirious samples, can fly from a sub-underground style of classic techno and hip-hop house, to drum'n'bass & dub...

To date they have produced more than 20 original tracks (named after Marvel Comics characters), topped charts, and have been added to the playlists of famous djs all over the world. On top of that, Stereoheroes have made a crazy load of banging remixes for an array of different artists.

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Dirty Smart - Big Beats

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