Thursday, 1 July 2010

Adventures In Clubland with Mr Dirty Smart: June

The summer has landed… Bienvenidos Ibiza!

Mr Dirty Smart’s BIG 3.

The first of the BIG 3 was at the number one club in the world (as voted by DJ Mag)-Sankeys.
Michael Woods & Chris Lake headlining. I’ve met both Michael & Chris in the recent past & have been a huge follower of their music for many years. ‘Chris Lake- Word’ used to be my favourite track and a true dancefloor destroyer.

The night was awesome. Highlights included: Michael Woods stepping into the DJ booth wearing Dirty Smart ‘Rockin’ Out’ tee. Also Michael dropping the track- Envolver… Envolver is a deep, brooding piece of modern Tech House. Heavy pulsing bass, stabbing synths and drops that come out of nowhere… EPIC!

Next event I had had in my diary for a couple of months. Annie Mac, Joshua Roberts & Josh Demello at the Apollo, Manchester.

Luckily for me, im good friends with Joshua so it was VIP & backstage action all the way.

The event rocked! 2500 people packed into the Apollo theatre! Props to Joshua for sorting me out that night.
During Joshuas set he dropped an absolute club banger. It was one of his own bootlegs he titles “the Afrojack smash mash”. You will find in on his Ibiza mixtape below:

My final event of my BIG 3 was the opening party for Dirty Smart DJ Adventures, @ Play 2, Ibiza on 23rd June.

If your in Ibiza this summer we are going to be hosting the event every Wednesday throughout the season. Hope to see you down there one week!


Not only was June an awesome month for parties we also had an awesome month in general.

We have had 3 new artists representing the brand from all over the world!

Udachi from New York.

The Bulgarian from Bulgaria

& Robb G from Canada..

If you havnt heard of any of these artists I strongly advise you go check them out. Each of them has their own unique style and are music legends!

My final great piece of news came at around 5am on June 25th.

I was beavering away on some design work when the Deadmau5 popped up on my newsfeed on facebook. He was getting a new tattoo done, and was streaming it live to the world over the internet….

The tattoo sucks however he has great taste in fashion!

‘Sleep When You’re Dead’ tee by Dirty Smart.

That’s all for now.


Mr Dirty Smart

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Adventures In Clubland with Mr Dirty Smart: May

Easy. I hope you are all good and have had a wicked May.
I know I have…

Mr Dirty Smart’s BIG 3.

Bank holidays are great. 3 nights of partying on a weekend instead of 2! May kicked off with an absolute stonker. Sunday the 2nd, Cream @ Mission, Leeds.

My all time favorite DJ
-Laidback Luke- headlining, with Micky Slim, Arno Cost and Adam Sheridan supporting. I felt something special was in the making and I was not wrong…
Laidback Luke stepped up to the decks wearing none other that Dirty Smart tee ‘Big Beats Are The Best’! My drink slipped out of my hand and spilled all over my crotch but I really didn’t care. What followed was some crazy shape cutting, and total dancefloor destruction.

To quote ‘The Four Seasons’- o what a night!

Next in the BIG 3, came just a few days later. Thursday the 8th, Deadmau5 @ Mountford Hall, Liverpool. Deadmau5 doesn’t really need an introduction. He is number 6 DJ in the world, and wears a massive mouse head while playing.

Supporting Deadmau5 was a bloke called Michael Woods. One of the greatest producers in the world and I think of him as the DJs DJ. If your playing to a sleepy crowd, bring out one of Michael Woods’s productions for a guaranteed change in atmosphere.

2 drinks got dropped this night. First when Michael stepped out rockin’ out Dirty Smart ‘Dirty House’ tee. The second when Deadmau5 ripped off his jacket to reveal he was wearing Dirty Smart ‘Rockin’ Out’ tee. Sounds a bit pathetic but my eyes started welling up!
It was a Fantastic night. Deadmau5 put on a real show, which will be seconded by anyone who saw him on his UK tour.

My final party of the BIG 3 occurred on my birthday! Friday the 28th, Sankeys, Manchester. When I was planning my birthday I was uncompromising. The club had to be right and the music bang on. I settled for the number one club in the world (voted by readers of DJ Mag) with a line-up that was right up my street. Lee Mortimer, Foamo, Don Diablo & Sidney Samson. Everyone was good but Don Diablo absolutely rocked it- sneaking a bit of DnB & Dubstep into a tough Electro set. Props to all the fans of Dirty Smart who made it out and had it large.


TUNAGE! I have a special treat for you. I linked up with Dirty Smart ambassador -Joshua Roberts- and he has put together a mixtape to rival ALL mixtapes…
Dirty Smart VS Republic by Joshua Roberts

Words cannot descibe just how good this is!

Thanks for all your emails. Iv had a chuckle about some of the crazy antics you peeps get up to!

Richie Bee, Terry Wood, Josh Murphy, Mark Stone, Will Silk, Danny Pickering, James Caino, Jacob Smart, Tasquana Hufkie, Amanda Cooper, Dominque Jay, Glenn Thomas, Lucian Turner, Briony Cox, Gazz Hunt, Tommy Tickle, James Thompson & Charlie Ellis.

Mr Dirty Smart

Saturday, 1 May 2010

Adventures In Clubland with Mr Dirty Smart: April

Mr Dirty Smart’s BIG 3.

First up, April 2nd, Size Matters at Club Mission, Leeds.
DJ’s Steve Angello, AN21 & Kim Fai.

I spent last summer in Ibiza. My favourite night on the White Isle had to be The Dark Forest at Pacha. Every week the Swedish House Mafia graced the decks & destroyed the dancefloor. I knew this night couldn’t be missed & Steve Angello would take me back to some fond summer memories...
They did not disappoint!

A euphoric blend of electro and house set the place alight and time seemed to fast-forward till close. If you get chance to see Steve Angello, AN21 or Kim Fai i strongly advise it!

Next was down to the clubbing capital of… Shrewsbury!
April 11th, Nitro at the Warehouse.

DJ’s Jack Beats, Caspa & Joshua Roberts. Jack Beats & Caspa brought their usual Dirty Electro/ Dubstep to the table. Joshua Roberts brought something completely different… If you haven’t heard of Joshua Roberts let me enlighten you…

I first heard him back in 2005 after he won Radio One’s young Dj of the year award. Since he has gone on to tour with the Cut Up Boys, obtain a residency at Ministry Of Sound- Egypt, become an Ibiza veteran & played with some of the biggest names in the game. Not to mention his awesome prodcution skills.
Iv never seen a crowd go so crazy. 2500 people jumping, and Joshua putting all of his energy into what can only be described as an unforgettable set.

Last but not least… April 24th, Purrfect at The Space, Leeds.

DJ’s Hoxton Whores & Nom De Strip.
Iv been a fan on the Hoxton Whores for a long time now. Their back catalogue reads like a dance music bible, and their tour diary like an airline departure board... to put it simply – the Hoxton Whores are massive!
They rocked Leeds. Unlike Mission & Warehouse, Space is a very intimate venue. You get so close to the artists you can smell them (not that you’d want to), and the artists energy is infectious.
If your into your clubbing Leeds is great for it. People are very likeminded and big into their tuneage. There is no pretentiousness or high horses just party people living for good times.


Did someone say tunage?
Iv been digging and uncovered an absolute gem!
Rico Tubbs sampling the Pointer Sisters disco classic…

Its free & legal to download, and a must have for anyone with ears!


I found this video, which needs to be watched:

Pablo ‘the drugs mule’ interviews DJ Brandon Block who shares experiences of his addiction to cocaine. Powerful message. Props to Brandon.

That’s all for this month.
Until next time.
Mr Dirty Smart

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Adventures In Clubland with Mr Dirty Smart: March

Mr Dirty Smart’s BIG 3.

March was an important month. A mere 12 months ago Dirty Smart was born and it was important to celebrate this landmark by hitting some great parties.

None more important than Tiesto on his UK tour: 5th March @ Sheffield Arena.

I spent last summer in Ibiza and saw Tiesto grace the wheels of steel every week. After blagging my way into VIP I manage to catch the man himself. Its not often I’m star struck but to me, this guy rivals God.
It was a great night- the crowd were rocking. Im not big into my trance music but this event was something else.

Calling it a trance night is a little naïve. Tiesto creates his own sound that must be heard to be understood.

Next up involved a trip down to London to see the mighty Punk Rolla. I arrived around 1am to see Punk Rolla behind the decks rockin’ out a Dirty Smart tee.
It was a special moment.
The night was wicked. Totally different to Tiesto. The sound was Jackin’/ electro house, with some wobbly basslines. The crowd were very unpretentious (unusual for clubbing in London) and up for partying hard.
After the gig I had a chat with Punk Rolla and he gave me a track to pass onto you peeps:

Punk Rolla you ROCK!

My final party of the BIG 3 has to be; Purrfect with Oliver Lang & Luvstuff at ‘The Space’ in Leeds on the 27th March
Im slightly biased in this case as Dirty Smart sponsored the event! None the less, it was epic.
Oliver Lang doesn’t really need an introduction- he set out dj-ing in clubs aged 14. By 16 he had released his first record, and at 18 he packed up his record box and moved to Ibiza where he landed his now legendary residency for Bora Bora.

Luvstuff were the winners of the Dirty Smart DJ competition in ’09 and since have had a DJ Download number one and production support from the likes of Laidback Luke, Cagedbaby, Foamo and Micky Slim. They have also received serious airtime on Kiss FM from The Loose Cannons and have their tunes absolutely battered by Kissy Sell Out on Radio One. They tore the roof off and had the crowd jumping till 5am.


You can usually gauge a crowd after a few minutes of being in a place.
Crowd 1: Sleepy
More interested in chasing the opposite sex than the night itself. Conscious not to build up a sweat ruining their carefully constructed hair. Safe ‘2-step’ dancing. Togged out in a shirt/ t-shirt, suit jacket, suit pants/smart jeans & shoes...

Crowd 2: Rockin’
Interested in the music. Hands in the air, cutting some serious shapes facing the DJ. Togged out in t-shirt (Dirty Smart), jeans, hi-tops/ funky trainers...


Tucking your jeans into your socks is allowed providing you are wearing some superfly trainers! (NOT advised in a club full of ‘Crowd 1’)

That’s all for this month.
Until next time.
Mr Dirty Smart

Monday, 1 March 2010

Dirty Smart DJ Adventures

This was created for the fans. A documentary on the life of a DJ.
So we followed one round for a month and stuck a camera in his face. Here is what we came up with...

Dirty Smart DJ Adventures presents Joshua Roberts!!

We followed the hottest young DJ -Joshua Roberts- on his December tour, showing plenty of never before seen footage and catching up at some of the worlds coolest party locations!
This is a must see for anyone with eyes.

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