Thursday, 1 April 2010

Adventures In Clubland with Mr Dirty Smart: March

Mr Dirty Smart’s BIG 3.

March was an important month. A mere 12 months ago Dirty Smart was born and it was important to celebrate this landmark by hitting some great parties.

None more important than Tiesto on his UK tour: 5th March @ Sheffield Arena.

I spent last summer in Ibiza and saw Tiesto grace the wheels of steel every week. After blagging my way into VIP I manage to catch the man himself. Its not often I’m star struck but to me, this guy rivals God.
It was a great night- the crowd were rocking. Im not big into my trance music but this event was something else.

Calling it a trance night is a little naïve. Tiesto creates his own sound that must be heard to be understood.

Next up involved a trip down to London to see the mighty Punk Rolla. I arrived around 1am to see Punk Rolla behind the decks rockin’ out a Dirty Smart tee.
It was a special moment.
The night was wicked. Totally different to Tiesto. The sound was Jackin’/ electro house, with some wobbly basslines. The crowd were very unpretentious (unusual for clubbing in London) and up for partying hard.
After the gig I had a chat with Punk Rolla and he gave me a track to pass onto you peeps:

Punk Rolla you ROCK!

My final party of the BIG 3 has to be; Purrfect with Oliver Lang & Luvstuff at ‘The Space’ in Leeds on the 27th March
Im slightly biased in this case as Dirty Smart sponsored the event! None the less, it was epic.
Oliver Lang doesn’t really need an introduction- he set out dj-ing in clubs aged 14. By 16 he had released his first record, and at 18 he packed up his record box and moved to Ibiza where he landed his now legendary residency for Bora Bora.

Luvstuff were the winners of the Dirty Smart DJ competition in ’09 and since have had a DJ Download number one and production support from the likes of Laidback Luke, Cagedbaby, Foamo and Micky Slim. They have also received serious airtime on Kiss FM from The Loose Cannons and have their tunes absolutely battered by Kissy Sell Out on Radio One. They tore the roof off and had the crowd jumping till 5am.


You can usually gauge a crowd after a few minutes of being in a place.
Crowd 1: Sleepy
More interested in chasing the opposite sex than the night itself. Conscious not to build up a sweat ruining their carefully constructed hair. Safe ‘2-step’ dancing. Togged out in a shirt/ t-shirt, suit jacket, suit pants/smart jeans & shoes...

Crowd 2: Rockin’
Interested in the music. Hands in the air, cutting some serious shapes facing the DJ. Togged out in t-shirt (Dirty Smart), jeans, hi-tops/ funky trainers...


Tucking your jeans into your socks is allowed providing you are wearing some superfly trainers! (NOT advised in a club full of ‘Crowd 1’)

That’s all for this month.
Until next time.
Mr Dirty Smart

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