Tuesday, 23 August 2011


Ministry Of Sound, Save Our Club
The future of the Ministry of Sound club has been put in doubt following a planning application by property developer Oakmayne. The company has submitted plans for a residential building on the site of the old Eileen House, which, if built, would sit opposite the Ministry of Sound building and could pose a significant threat to the club's entertainment license. Oakmayne's attitude towards preserving the longevity of the club is perhaps best summed up by a comment from its chairman, Christopher Allen, who when questioned said;

"nightclubs come and go (meh)".
(fyi he didnt actually say "meh" but i bet he was thinking it...)

We, disagree with you Christopher. And we refuse to just sit idly by and let this happen.

Ministry of Sound Group CEO Lohan Presencer "Ministry of Sound is not just a nightclub. Millions of people have passed through the doors over the 18 years we have been open. 300,000 people visit us annually, bringing trade to Elephant & Castle and the surrounding area. We have always strived to create the moments that people live for, and we will continue to do so. We are the people that come here, the people that work here, the music that is played here and the lifelong bonds that are made here. If we lose Ministry of Sound, we are losing a vital piece of youth culture in this country. Nightclubs may have existed before Ministry of Sound, but they were never the same afterwards."

Please sign MoS's petition *HERE* if you oppose Oakmayne’s planning application.

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