Monday, 22 August 2011


StereoHeroes, New Trends Festival
I love Mondays.
My head is splitting & i look like a disheveled slug; but finding out what the EDM industry has been up to around the world over the last couple of days, is worth getting out of bed for...

I arrived in the office to find an email sat in my inbox from NewTrends Live.

NewTrends recently hosted an event in La Rochelle, France; StereoHeroes headlining; Tee'n Tits, Belzebass, Neus & Siasss in support.

The email included a link to a video, StereoHeroes doing what they do best, both Seb & Fab rockin' Dirty Smart.

Thanks for the video Arthur, & BIG love to StereoHeroes.


Buy the tee worn by Seb (StereoHeroes) *HERE*
Dirty Smart - Rockin' Out

Buy the tee worn by Fab (StereoHeroes) *HERE*
Dirty Smart - Nocturnal By Nature

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