Thursday, 11 August 2011


Afrojack Album
For all the movers and shakers of 2011, it’s Dutch production gun Afrojack that’s caught nearly everyone’s attention with his Grammy win, superstar hook-ups and relentless touring schedule.

If all that’s not enough to sate your insatiable hunger for more, then you’re in luck as the 23 (!!) year old star is getting ready to sink his teeth into the production of the first Afrojack album.

“I’m doing, on average, eight gigs a week, sometimes in different countries on the same day,” Afrojack told Spinner about finding the time to bunker down in the studio to work on the album. “Us producers and DJs perform all summer long and then go back in the studio in September. I’m actually starting my own album in September. I know I’m going to start it, but I don’t have a contract or a label or anything. I just start doing it and there are going to be some cool artists on that.”

Translation: Paris Hilton is involved. Ahem.


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