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Pias, Sony
The record labels affected by the fire that destroyed the warehouse where independent music distributor PIAS held all of its stock have told Mixmag that they are determined to carry on as normal, despite losing huge amounts of CDs and vinyl.

James Masters, of Rekids limited, said that the label was devastated but undeterred: “We lost all our stock. Cash flow is going to be tricky for a few months but you can’t let things like this beat you.”

“Most upsetting is that we just delivered the finished copies of our new single by Ronny and Renzo backed with a Carl Craig remix that we have been waiting for two years for. I guess it is going to be a little longer before we can get it out,” he added.

Countless record labels, including dance orientated imprints like 2020 Vision, Border Community, Fabric, Kompakt, Secret Sundaze and Warp, will be set back by the blaze, which happened at the Sony DADC building in Enfield during riots on Monday night. However, many are unwilling to let the disaster get in the way of releasing great music.

Doug Shipton, of Finders Keepers records, said: “Naturally we’re shocked at what has happened and concerned, not just about our own future, but that of independent labels and shops in general. The insurance will pay off, but well after the dust has settled. It will take time to rebuild our catalogue whilst we continue to move the label forward with new projects and releases. We’re down for the moment but we’re most certainly not out.”

He is also keenly aware of the knock on effect of the fire, adding: “My fear is that other smaller indies in our situation might not be able to weather the storm as easily, not to mention the knock on effect this will have on independent shops.”

Various internet based campaigns have been started to get PIAS and the labels it distributes back on track. Boomkat are currently running a special ‘Support PIAS’ page and the Quietus has suggested 20 albums to buy.

Twitter has also been flooded with comments from fans who are pledging their support and promising to buy records in the wake of the fire. Twitter user ‘curby’ said: “A great excuse to buy some amazing music, support PIAS labels caught in the Enfield fire.”

The fire will inevitably cause havoc with release schedules, and Toddla T has already announced that his new album has been pushed back by a week.

Although concerned about lost units, James Drummond, of Southern Fried records, summed up what many must be thinking in the aftermath of the fire: “Our stock has been affected by the fire along with many of our friend’s labels. The main thing is nobody was hurt and this mindless violence has to end now.”

Full list of labels effected by the blaze:
1234, 2020 Vision, Accidental, Ad Altiora, Adventures Close to home , Alberts , All City , Alt Delete, Ambush Reality, Angular, Ark, ATC, Atic, Atlantic Jaxx, Azuli, B Unique, Backyard, Bad Sneakers, Bandstock, Banquet, Beggars, Big Chill, Big Dada, Big Life / Nul / Sindy Stroker, Boombox, Border Community, Boysnoize, Brille, Bronzerat, Brownswood, Buzzin Fly, Can You Feel It, Catskills, ChannelFly, Chemikal Underground, City Rockers, Counter, D Cypher, Dance To The Radio, Deceptive, Def Jux, Dirtee Stank, Divine Comedy, Domino, Drag City, Drive Thru, Drowned in Sound, Duophonic, Eat Sleep / Sorepoint, Electric Toaster, Emfire, F. Comm, Fabric, Faith And Hope, Fantastic Plastic, Fargo, FatCat, Feraltone, Finders Keepers / Twisted Nerve, Fingerlickin’, Flock, Free Range, From The Basement, Full Time Hobby, Goldsoul, Gronland, Groove Attack, Halftime, Hassle ,Heron. Hum&Haw, Independiente, Info UK, Join Us, Kartel, Kensaltown, Kitsune, Kompakt, Laughing Stock, Leftroom, Lex, Lo Max, Loose, Love Box, Lowlife, Lucky Number, Marquis Cha Cha, Memphis Industries, Merok, Metroline, Mute, Naïve, Nation, Navigator. New World, Ninja Tune, Nuclear Blast ,One Little Indian, Output / People in the Sky / Process, Pale Blue, Palm, Peacefrog, PIAS Recordings, PIP 555 Productions, Play To Work, Powerhouse (T2), Propaganda / Ho Hum, Raw Canvas, Red Grape, Red Telephone Box, Rekids, Renaissance, Respect Productions (PES digital), Reveal Records, SMG, Rock Action, Roots, Rough Trade, Rough Trade Comps, Rubyworks, Ruffa Lane, Search And Destroy, Secret Sundaze, Secretly Canadian / Jagjaguwar / Dead Oceans, Sell Yourself, Setanta, Shatterproof, Sideone Dummy, Slam Dunk, Smalltown, Soma, Something In Construction, Sonar Kollectiv, Soul Jazz, Southern Fried, Stranded Soldier, Subliminal, Sunday Best, TARGO, Taste, Ten Worlds, Thrill Jockey, Total Fitness, Touch And Go, Track And Field, TriTone, Trouble, Try Harder, Turk, Turnstile, Twenty 20, Underworld, Union Square, Urban Torque, Vagrant, Vice, Victory, Wagram , Wall Of Sound, Warp, Wi45 , Wonky Atlas, Word And Sound, Xtra Mile, You Are Here.

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