Wednesday, 17 August 2011


Justice, Audio, Video, Disco
Justice have announced details of their long awaited second album.

The follow up to 2007′s will be titled 'Audio, Video, Disco' and features guest appearances from Midnight Juggernauts and Ali Love. The album, which is scheduled for a UK release on October 24, features a strong 70′s rock influence with the duo revealing they were heavily influenced by Led Zeppelin, The Who and Blue Oyster Cult during the recording.

But the duo are keen to warn fans that they haven’t completely gone off in a new direction with an album that is already being described by some as "Giorgio Moroder meets Iron Maiden down at Fabric".

According to Gaspard Augé, the taller hairier half of the duo, "It's not like we’ve gone off in an obscure direction but music like Led Zeppelin and The Who was to our taste when we were making this album."

The album retains Justice's widescreen production lathering on a unique sonic shimmery to their 70′s rock influences. See full tracklisting below.

1. Horsepower
2. Civilization
3. Ohio
4. Canon (Primo)
5. Canon
6. On’n'on
7. Brianvision
8. Parade
9. Newlands
10. Helix
11. Audio, Video, Disco

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