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Drop The Lime interview, Trouble & Bass
One of the greatests talents of the moment 'Drop The Lime' managed to give Rauw a cheeky interview ahead of 'Trouble & Bass's 5 Year Anniversary on Friday September 16th, 2011 at New York City's own legendary Webster Hall...

Well hello sir!

DTL: Oh hello sir!

Where are you now? Not in the USA I guess?

DTL: No I’m in London. I was in the middle of the riots in fact.

Ow… damn, are you okay?

DTL: I’m ok… but 2 days ago I stepped out of the Bethnal Green tube stop not knowing anything and saw cars on fire, kids looting and breaking shit.. I thought it was Armageddon. I ran with a group away from the riots and into a courtyard where we waited for things to cool down.

We saw horrible stuff on tv and twitter was going mental, I started to get worried about all my friends when I read tigers and lions were set free and roaming Piccadilly Circus. It was absolute madness and everybody so scared. Why do you think it exploded like it did?

DTL: The kids are bored.

I was bored when I was 16, and frustrated, I threw stones at the police in 1984, but I didn’t get this angry and crazy.

DTL: They’re not angry. Its an excuse to do something and because everybody has mobile phones, twitter etc it exploded so quickly. This kind of shit never happened in New York. We’d go skateboarding instead.

Your name Drop The Lime? What does it refer to? Like a piece of lime in a vodka?

DTL: It’s a Johnny Cash reference: Walk the line. Slap the time. Drop the lime

Aha! Stupid me, I love that song…

DTL: I walk in my sleep to that song.

JVB: Can you describe Drop The Lime to me? Who is he? What does he do? What does he sound like?

DTL: Drop the lime is an attitude. I like all kinds of music, as long as its sexy, raw, tough, and makes you feel. And, I sing, I play guitar, I DJ all those things. I like to constantly evolve and pull from my different musical inspirations, so right now I’m heavily influenced by what got me playing guitar as a child – rock and western… Ennio Morricone, Johnny Burnette, Johnny Cash, Gene Vincent etc, but I infuse it with dance music

How does rock influence the electronic part of you?

DTL: 50′s rock was dance music of the 50′s…Something for the teenagers and 9-5 hard workers let loose to. No different to the electronic music of today. They both share the purpose to release your hard times and have a good time.

There is a lot of reinventing house music going on which bores me.

DTL: This is a danger of putting real instruments down, if you limit yourself to only electronics… or nowadays, computers... It can be a glass ceiling.

I think we should always be doing new stuff, innovate, create something new… like you, you even sing while DJ-ing right?

DTL: I sing while I DJ yes… That all began, because I felt the human touch was lacking in dance music performances. I felt disconnected from the crowd and by singing I was inviting them to be a part of the music, rather than play music to them. I was in the studio with the Marble and Club Cheval boys last week and we were all actually playing instruments, drums... It made such a difference.

Would you start a band? Like a swamp rock band like the Cramps, but with an electronic beat?

DTL: I have a band!

Really?! What’s it called?

DTL: The DROP THE LIME live tour begins next month in America, November we do Australia. I’m on guitar, I have a drummer, and 2 back up singers. The album drops in September and then the live show kicks off.

Sounds great.

DTL: But I also have a proper rock band called BAD LUPO GRANDE.

And Bart? Who is Bart B More?

DTL: MY BASS BROTHER! Bart is a scholar of Bass.

What’s this bass thing? What is Trouble & Bass?

DTL: A family, a lifestyle... We are a Brooklyn based crew that consists of 4 people- AC Slater, Star Eyes, The Captain and me.. And it expands internationally into other artists and crews... the crew expands into parties, clothing, and a record label. We are doing jewellery now as well... pendants, belt buckles and rings

Belt buckles? Wow, I always find it really hard to get cool belt buckles.

DTL: Yes, belt buckles. I believe that nowadays, everybody has a record label. That’s boring to me, I think that labels should be treated more like a lifestyle, and a family or gang, go beyond the music with the vibe. It’s a family, a feeling, an attitude.

And who is AC Slater?

DTL: AC Slater is another bass brother! AC is a Brooklyn based producer and DJ who makes amazing music. He’s also a professional cocktail taster, a connoisseur. He’s like me and Bart... Lots of laughs will be had, yeah it’s a bit of a triple threat us 3.

Download AC Slater's remix of 'Drop The Lime - Hot As Hell' for free HERE
Its a monster.

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