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Mustard Pimp interview
The French duo Mustard Pimp (Baron and eKa), have carved out a cult-like following with releases under the label DIM MAK, by lighting remixing fires with Acid Techno matches to tracks of artists like Steve Aoki, Dada Life, Steed Lord and more than a handful of others.

Mustard Pimp recently released “ZHM”; an EP featuring the self dubbed “North Korean Pop” track entitled “ZHM”, remixed by Geht’s Noch, The Subs, Cyberpunkers, Tom Staar, and Dada Life.

If you’ve caught their video on Youtube, you were one of the lucky few before the video was taken down by none other than Youtube. The music video was risqué, yes, but how risqué can you really get with puppets and fake blood? You can be the judge of that...


Mustard Pimp aren’t to be taken seriously when their personalities are in the spotlight. Their interviews, despite the attempts to get into their minds, are typified by sarcastic jaunts of one offs and comedic satire in less than fluent English. But by reading between the lines and beyond the jabs at H&M and the other Mustard Pimp, you’ll see that the story Mustard Pimp tells is a candid one. The duo embodies entertainment, without the deceit. You just have work a little harder to decipher it.

Interview by Musebox:

Musebox: What goes through your heads when you’re mixing and making a track?

Mustard Pimp: Well it’s easy. You wake up in the morning, you take your MIDI electronic wind instrument and you try to make the Titanic theme perfectly (or the Mexican national anthem) with the pan flute preset. If you make any mistake that means this is not the day and there’s no use to try producing today. However if it works well you open Cubase and try to find that boom-boom factor.

MB: What is it like to be part of the DIM MAK family? How did you get signed onto their label? Have you gotten any recent perks?

Mustard Pimp: Well it’s cool. We have free shirts, but there’s still not a free buffet at the DIM MAK office so we’re kinda sad about that.

How did we signed? Well, Steve wanted to sign that Russian band also called Mustard Pimp and made a mistake and took us. Been lucky on that. Since then we sued that other Mustard Pimp band and made sure they spend the next 5 years in a gulag.

MB: What’s the first word that comes to mind when some kid is requesting Dubstep at your shows?

Mustard Pimp: When we’re in a good mood we gently think that this poor kid went to the wrong show. When we’re in a bad mood (like when we lost at the horse races) we just think “Eat a dick” or something like that.

MB: You said your approach to music is constantly changing. What’s one track that you’ve attempted to remix but found to be too challenging?

Mustard Pimp: We tried to remix the part in “Waterworld” when Kevin Costner sings, but we failed because obviously you can’t beat Kevin Costner. And the one we failed? Well, we pitch them at 150 BPM and add all the factory FX and release them as a Trance alter ego.

MB: Do you have any old vinyl in your stash that you’re just waiting to pull out and mix?

Mustard Pimp: La Compagnie Creole – “Socca Party On The Beach”

A signed Basshunter of “Botten Anna” (he drew an heart and a cat on it too)

A signed vinyl of Bowie & Jagger – Dancing in The Streets (actually signed by the Chinese impersonator of Jagger – it’s a touring souvenir)

MB: What’s a fake DJ and what’s a real DJ?

Mustard Pimp: A fake DJ is a guy wearing white pants in a club and only play the top 20 Beatport (but not the latest one – the one in 2008).

A true DJ is a guy that will probably die from an heart attack, AIDS or any other sexual disease, or in a plane crash around 30-y/o.

MB: What gear and equipment do you use to mix your tracks?

Mustard Pimp: A MIDI electronic wind instrument and obviously Pioneer CDJs since other brands have been too lazy to make a proper CD player.

MB: How many more years do you think you have it in you to be Mustard Pimp before your ears blow out and your fingers show signs of arthritis? Or will you still be playing even then?

Mustard Pimp: Zero. House music is a has-been now. We’re joining an Equatorial band playing only with MIDI electronic wind instruments and we’ll do a metro station tour all around Europe.

MB: You wrote that “ZHM,” your newest EP, stands for Zara and H&M because of the “typical house crap you can hear when you go buy underwear at Zara or H&M”? Is “ZHM” something Zara and H&M should be playing at their stores while I’m trying on their underwear in their fitting room or is the EP a parody of the “typical house crap” they play?

Mustard Pimp: Ahaha, yeah we’d be surprised to hear ZHM in a Zara or H&M store. At least we’d make a sufficient crap to be played there. After that’s a kind of old inside joke too, every time we receive like chill house promos we always wanted to answer, “Sorry but your music is made to buy underwear in a shop.”

MB: When you settled on “ZHM’s” track, how did you know this was the track that you were going to settle with as the “ZHM” standard for the other DJs to work off of?

Mustard Pimp: Well we don’t know what to answer to that so we’ll say “YAHTZEE!”

MB: How and why did you approach Dada Life, Tom Staar, Cyberpunkers, The Subs and Ghet’s Noch? for this “ZHM” collaboration?

Mustard Pimp: Well everybody thinks we are The Illuminati since the “Money Shot” vid, so we took advantage of it and they’ve done the remixes.

MB: So Youtube banned your music video for “ZHM” because of “nudity,” while we’re able to watch animals fornicating on Youtube. There must have been unhappy mothers who came across the music video. Who came up with the concept of puppets, sex and fake blood for the music video? The track itself is intense, and I’m assuming the creative direction of the music video was intended to keep up with that intensity, which culminates in none other than death?

Mustard Pimp: Well since I quit school I have troubles to read 4 sentences in a row. I asked my assistant (that I just hired for the occasion because I hadn’t one before to help me out) So uh to make it quick, Behn Fannin made the video and came up with the concept + Youtube = Nazis + that other Mustard Pimp band probably have internet now in their goulag and probably flagged us + I lost it now + what I was talking about?

MB: What do you think of the American fans in comparison to the European fans when it comes to House music?

Mustard Pimp: We don’t make comparisons between fans. We’d just wish to sign more boobs because Kurt Russell did it in 1986 for the release of “Big Trouble in Little China” and we’re kinda jealous since then.

MB: A “free lunch” in terms of music is not a trick like our mothers may have told us, at least today, so in all seriousness, how do you think musicians should make money these days?

Mustard Pimp: Do an awful Dubstep remix of popular tracks on hypem with a lot of reverb and it should do the trick, and well if you don’t like Dubstep then you can still sell shirts like “I DJ’ed an empty party in Saint Louis,” or “I survived that dumbass DJ in that empty party in Perth.” I don’t know, be creative or bet on horses.

MB: Do you have anything that you’re working on and would like to tell your fans about? Will we ever be able to one day listen to the beautiful French voices of yours?

Mustard Pimp: Well the album is done and set to be released at the end of October and I started to learn how to play Jokari (but had an accident and lost an eye).

MB: Do you have any advice for aspiring musicians?

Mustard Pimp: Go to school (unless you’re a friend or in the family of Kurt Russell, then if you can, introduce us to him and I’ll give you advice).

Grab a copy of Mustard Pimp's 'ZHM' EP HERE

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