Monday, 1 August 2011


Chocolate Puma, House Master
Chocolate Puma are currently storming the Beatport House Top 100 with no fewer than five productions in the chart - four of those are from their latest House Masters compilation celebrating their 20th Anniversary of producing countless genre-defining records...

The hottest of these right now is the brand new rework of their 1993 hit as The Good Men, ‘Give It Up’ (2011 Edit). Already rising fast at number 8, with this update it’s sounding as vital now as it did 18 years ago and the chart doesn’t lie!

If you haven’t done so yet, you need to check this out and I’ve got the promo here for you to play with. Straight from their House Masters collection... so do get involved!

The Good Men – ‘Give It Up’ (Chocolate Puma 2011 Edit)

The Good Men’s seminal ‘Give It Up’ was originally released nearly two decades ago, reaching #5 in the UK singles chart, but more importantly turning a whole new generation onto the unique appeal of house music. “After we finished it we thought 'this is not bad, maybe we should release it'” The Good Men’s Gaston remember. “Our record company at that time didn't really believe in it but after plenty of persistence we eventually got them convinced to put it on a B-side. It ended up being our most successful record ever.”

Now, The Good Men aka Zki & Dobre aka Chocolate Puma have brought one of the most important dance records of all time bang up to date with an electric 2011 re-edit that presses all of the right buttons in the most emphatic fashion possible.




Of the 30 tracks on the album, 18 are brand new updates of their finest productions under their various aliases - Chocolate Puma, Jark Prongo, Klatsch!, René et Gaston and The Good Men.

Features the brand new For Your Love 2011, their 2011 remix of Boris D’Lugosch feat. Roisin Murphy ‘Never Enough’ and I Wanna Be U (Re-work) amongst more.


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