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The Squatters Interview
Spotted this in tilllate magazine.
I LOVE ‘The Squatters’.
Make sure you check and find out when they are coming to a nightclub near you. They have definitely been my ‘ones to watch’ this year…

Tilllate mag (TM)– The Squatters Interview (TS)…

TM: What do you think qualifies you as ‘one to watch’?
TS: Well really there are two of us so “two to watch”, four ears are better than two. On a more serious note we dedicate the majority of our time to not just DJing and making tracks, but listening to our fans, artists and promoting ourselves anyway possible. Some people don’t realize how much time goes into “The Squatters” but the party side of it makes it all worth it…

TM: If we do keep an eye on you, where will you be 10 years from now?
TS: Hopefully you will need some binoculars, as we will be sat on our yacht in the Mediterranean, still making music aimed at dancefloors, and playing on the moon.

TM: How will clubbing and dance music have changed by then?
TS: Hopefully everything will have just got bigger and better! At the moment all the styles are fusing together and some people see this as a bad thing, however we think this is a great thing that inspires people to create more daring and exciting music for the future.

TM: Describe an average week in your life.
TS: Eat, sleep, studio, promote, promote some more… eat, sleep, DJ… and so on…

TM: How are your dancefloor heroes?
TS: The people left at the end of the night.

TM: How did you end up getting involved with music?
Alex: I got poked into playing the keyboard at 13 and had a fascination with the track ‘Poing’ which my parents hated. They hid the tape from me. But this is one of the best things they did for me as it made me love music more as I learnt to understand how it was made.
Oli: I have been into music for as long as I can remember but what made me think I needed to take it further was when I visited Ibiza at 16. It blew me away and I wanted a piece of the action.

TM: Choose 5 words to describe you musical style.
TS: Superduper heavyweight dancefloor mashup… that’s 5 words right?..

TM: If it all goes wrong, have you got a back up plan?
TS: We don’t like to think it will but if it does we both have good old college diplomas to fall back on. Alex is a qualified Chef and believe it or not, Oli is a qualified hairdresser! It would defiantly be interesting if we were stuck back in those jobs!

TM: What record do you own that will ruin your cool reputation?
Alex: Pafendorf ‘Be Cool’. I hate this record for obvious reasons but I remember when I was about 16 and was asked to play it at a party so I went out and bought it on vinyl for a quid!
Oli: Zig & Zag (various tracks). No comment!

TM: What keeps you up ‘til late?
TS: Usually the amount of seagulls we have at the seaside! Or Alex’s neighbors’ wind chimes. That’s if we have a rare early night! We’re usually awake ‘til late making music. For some reason our creativity comes to life after some noodles and the sun goes down.


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