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Ecstasy, Ibiza
A 20 year old British girl who collapsed on the dance-floor of Space and died on the way to hospital this week, is believed to have taken ecstasy, press reports said this week.

"Police are investigating the death of a British woman from Croydon (south London) after she became ill at a nightclub in Ibiza," a Guardia Civile spokesman said in a statement, "We are aware of reports of ecstasy but until an autopsy we cannot confirm the cause of death."

Newspapers including the Daily Mail and Telegraph speculated that nail technician, Jodie Nieman, 20, overdosed on MDMA, the same explanation offered for the deaths of two Scottish men Lee Dunnachie, 22, and Steven Kelly, 19, who died two weeks earlier after taking pills believed to be six times stronger than usual.

Posting on Facebook on the night of his death, Lee wrote of ‘buzzin’ and ‘getting nutted’ before complaining of insomnia and difficulties in using the toilet.

“ARGGH! I've no chance of getting any kip whatsoever,” he wrote in one of his last postings, “Not be camping happy later anyway." (Daily Record: )

The deaths prompted local cops to issue yet another ‘rogue pill’ alert at last weekend’s T In The Park music festival as did the Scottish Drugs Forum (SDF) and harm eduction experts Crew.

“Reportedly strong batches and varieties of ecstasy around on the scene, so any users determined to use ecstasy should take care with dosing so as to stay safe,” Crew recommended in a posting on July 4.

“Not wishing to add to any media sensationalism, there have been various recent user reports of people taking multiple quantities of tablets and experiencing difficulties. In Crew's experience this has been true where people have taken too much and/or have mixed with other substances such as alcohol,” they continued.

“For the last few years the active ingredient in Ecstasy has varied, often not being MDMA, which has caused patterns of use to change. Many users have become accustomed to taking multiple tablets in a drug using session.”

Please remember ecstasy tablets can contain different substances including MDMA and other drugs such as BZP or other piperazines. Purity levels can also vary. Even if you are an experienced user, please follow our harm reduction advice to stay safe as batches can vary.” (for more information: click here: )

Scottish Drugs Forum also emphasized the dangers of adulterated pills, with prohibition meaning users still have no means of knowing what they’re actually taking.

“FOR a considerable time substances sold as MDMA or ecstasy in Scotland has contained very small quantities of MDMA - the 'active ingredient' in ecstasy. Often, these pills contain other drugs which are less potent than ecstasy,” said SDFC.

“Due to their low potency, users of these pills sometimes took more than one of these pills. However, there is some evidence, from user reports, that pills that contain a higher dose of MDMA may be available in Scotland.”

“Regular or experienced users of ecstasy should be aware that these will seem more potent that the ecstasy pills to which they are accustomed.

It is important that users understand the serious dangers of overdose of ecstasy. Although deaths are unusual, very unpleasant experiences can occur and people can end up in very vulnerable situations,” they added.

The harm reduction agency advised users to consider ‘Not taking pills and disposing of them safely’ or ‘breaking pills and taking a quarter of the pill, waiting for an hour and only taking the rest of the pill when assured that the effect is as expected.”

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