Tuesday, 26 July 2011


Electric Daisy Carnival, Vegas 2011
Vegas authorities have started discussions to develop a three day electronic music conference tied in with the Electric Daisy Carnival, prompting the Las Vegas Sun to ask ‘Was Electric Daisy Carnival the beginning of a rave-based economy?’

“When it comes to making money, Las Vegas, admirably in my view, doesn’t do cloying moralism,” newspaper business columnist J Patrick Coolican declared, “And of course the event, which drew 230,000, pumped some money into the local economy,” he noted.

He also downplayed previous media attempts to demonise Electric Daisy over revellers’ drug use, using language dramatically different from Los Angeles reporters who helped drive the mega festival out of town last year after a 15 year old overdosed and died.

“As Clark County Commissioner Tom Collins put it: “The participants were the most polite young kids that I’ve ever been around,” said Mr Coolican.

“The kids were all rolling on ecstasy,” he continued, “which I understand causes acute politeness.” (Las Vegas Sun: http://bit.ly/qsp4xZ )

EDC organizers Insomniac meanwhile donated US$75,000 to three local charities including the Injured Police Officers Fund this week, in recognition of the city’s willingness to give them a new home.

"This year's festival was one of the best in Insomniac history, and we are incredibly appreciative of the Las Vegas community joining together to welcome us and assist with a memorable event," said Pasquale Rotella, Insomniac's CEO and founder in a statement.

"We are thrilled to be able to present $25,000 donations to key organizations that will only help improve the city where our fans and partners reside."

In more rave business news, Michael Matos, the founder of Cuba’s biggest event Rotilla accused authorities of ‘stealing’ this event this week, complaining that Cuba’s Ministry of Culture had taken over the running of his festival and ejected him and his team from its organization.

Rotella started life as a ‘makeshift rave’, the Latin American Herald Tribune reported, becoming a 20,000 capacity three day electronic music festival in recent years (Latin American Herald Tribune: http://bit.ly/nVbo6L)

(source- www.ihouseu.com)

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