Thursday, 21 July 2011


Diplo, Legitmix, Mad Legit
Diplo has announced that he has put out a 40 minute mix through new beta platform Legitmix, a new software tool; that takes a brand new approach to the minefield of copyright law.

Called Mad Legit, the mix includes lots of exclusives and one offs including a Rusko mix of California Love by 2Pac and more. He’s able to put the mix out without clearing the obvious tricky samples.

How? To hear the mix, listeners need to own all of the original material that's sampled. Whatever people don't already own that's included, they can then buy from the sites store. The mix itself costs $3.00 (around £1.70), plus the costs of whichever tracks the user doesn't already own. That way, the mixes and bootlegs are cleared, while people also get to discover new music and more sales are generated for artists.

For for info, click HERE

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