Tuesday, 26 July 2011


The Black Ghosts, Even In Darkness
'Love surrounds us, even in the darkness'. A very special FREE download from The Black Ghosts, aka Simon Lord and Theo Keating aka Fake Blood.

It is to be on the new LP from The Black Ghosts 'When Animals Stare' released on Southern Fried records yesterday (Monday 25th July).

Download and cherish please...


The Black Ghosts - Even In The Darkness by Annie Mac Presents

Q&A with Simon Lord from The Black Ghosts:

Have you got a motto/mantra for life?

'It aint what you do it's the way that you do it' I think people get too hung up on details and what tools they're using... the person doing it is always the most important ingrediant... do lot's, worry about it later!

Who on this earth would you like to meet the most and why?

Robert Wyatt. He's consistent in his ability to make music that takes you away from the world. He seems to be a good mixture of wizard and bloke from the pub.

Who is your style icon and why?

Nick Cave always looks sharp. I'm looking forward to the point in life where I can wear suits everyday and rock the old school English gent look. Not in an over-the-top 'chap' way but just in an everyday functional way. I hate obvious trendiness, I try and go for stylish in a vague way.

What website (excluding social networking sites) do you look at every day without fail?

It's a photo site by photographer Jason Evans, it has a different photo everyday. I did a shoot with him years ago and thought he was very cool and creative.

What is your favourite song to put on that makes you happy?

Ivor Cutler - Good Morning, How Are You? Shut Up!
I like chaos.

What is your favourite song to put on if you're moody?

Ravel - Gaspard De La Nuit 'Le Gibet'
It accompanies my darkest moments. Very minimal piano music but oh so brooding.

What is your favourite mushy song?

Al Green - Simply Beautiful
Can't beat the Rev for loving, only thing is it's so good it can distract from the matter in hand!

If you didn't work in music what would you be doing now?

Picking plums... I've never had a 'proper' job so nothing to fall back on!

Proudest moment as an artist?

Hearing The Black Ghosts 'full moon' at the cinema, hearing Madison Square gardens chanting 'We Are Your Friends'...

What are your fave three tracks right now?

Little Dragon - 'Ritual Union' - Her voice is beautiful. Lovely production too.

Nautiluss x Lord Skywave 'Ultraviolet' - Its a collaboration I've done with Canadian producer Nautiluss, coming out soon on Hemlock. We're very very pleased with it.

The Kinks 'I Go To Sleep' - Its just an amazing song.

Show us a link to something that makes you laugh online...

http://animalsbeingdicks.com/ This regularly has me in stitches!

(source- http://anniemacpresents.com)

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