Tuesday, 12 July 2011


Justice, medieval LP
With all of their Christ-centric imagery, it’s fitting that the lead up to the release of Justice’s sophomore studio album is being built up as a second coming of sorts for the French electro twosome.

Due to drop this October, the untitled second LP from Justice has been kept under tight wraps with only a teaser single in Civilization and album tracklisting made public, but in this month’s Mixmag the Ed Banger duo opened up a little bit on the direction of the record, citing weathered influences from ‘70s rock acts as key to the recording.

“The first album was the night and the city, this one is the day and the countryside,” Justice’s Xavier de Rosnay explained. “We’ve always had a soft spot for medieval music,” Gaspard Auge added. “We don’t want to launch into it too far and end up playing leprechaun festivals, but these band we love – The Beatles, Black Sabbath – they all had ways of blending traditional with modern music. You can hear it a lot in Planisphere but on the album we’ve gone even further back in time.”

The feature contains a few other hints at what the new album packs under the hood with Mixmag’s correspondent reporting some “folky” flourishes despite an overall “club-centric vision”, not to mention vocal appearances by Ali Love, Morgan Phalen of rockers Diamond Nights and Australia’s own Vincent Vendetta from Midnight Juggernauts who lends his pipes to the album.

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