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Blatta & Inesha Interview
Stalking the blogs and i came across this interview of those Italian dancefloor destroyers, Blatta & Inesha, by

LOVE these guys!...

SFC: I bet a lot of your interviews start with this question, Why the name Blatta & Inesha?

Inesha: Blatta means cockroach in italian…you make your own conclusion! Inesha is just my nickname i have had since i was a teenager…it’s just a twist of my real name, it doesn’t mean anything…and anglophone people don’t know how to pronounce it…

SFC: For new listeners, what does your music sound like or relate too?

Inesha: Electro-Techno! right now we are so into this new wave of techno that is growing in europe made by “electro” producer like us who can’t stand that trash-dutch-fidget-dubstep sound anymore.

SFC: Is being a DJ as magnificent as everyone makes it out to be?

Inesha: It’s super fun but in my personal experience I’ve learned that if you aren’t David Guetta or Bob Sinclair, it’s definitely not what people expect and it’s not the vicious glam world everybody imagines…it’s great but it’s not a lot of money and when you get to go to an exciting new city most of the time you don’t even have the time to check it out because you are in the club or hotel the entire 16 hours you are there. Also during the week, you spend your whole day in the studio and sometimes you don’t see the sun for days and on the weekend, your ass is constantly on an airplane, shitty sandwiches at the airport and when you finish your set, most of the time it’s too late and you gotta run to get your flight to the next city with 2, 1 or zero hours of sleep. So, despite what people think it means no girls or crazy sex and drugs after parties.

Btw I’m just saying that because my girl might read this…

SFC: What lies in the future of Blatta & Inesha?

Inesha: We are working on our album…very loooong process!

SFC: What is your favorite part about touring?

Inesha: I love to try new food… I would love to make one of those culinary-world traveling tv shows like Andrew Zimmern or Anthony Bourdain one day but with a dj point of view. The dance music world is a crazy world…imagine how many weirdos we get to know and how many crazy things we hear or see during our tours that those “normal” tv guys don’t get to see…

SFC: You’ve played a wide variety of venues and festivals, What was one of your most memorable gigs and why?

Inesha: It’s so difficult to answer to this one…Marsatac festival in Marseille – France last year was great, World dj festival in Korea this year was great too even if after 30 minutes into our set it started raining like a muthafucker and the stage was uncovered…you can image the mess!

Festivals in general are fun for the big number of people and healthy for your ego! LoL but personally I’m more a small club person, so every time the sound system is good, the air is moist and smokey, people are jumping to our music and girls are sweaty is my favorite gig!

SFC: There is now a Blatta & Inesha blog/website running, can you tell us a bit about what you will be doing with this?

Inesha: I wish I had more time to take care of it…but check it out if you have a minute … basically we give away tracks, mixtapes, pics, etc…soon you’ll also be able to buy our t-shirts and merchandising in general.

SFC: What is your worst “while-on-tour” horror story?

Inesha: every time there is a train strike in France we have a new horror story…and it happens very often or at least every time we play there…which it happens very often as well! LOL

SFC: If not this, what would you be doing?

Inesha: i would be a chef, a beer brewer, a secret agent, a professional tennis player or a porn actor. Or if it would be possible I’d love to be Eric Cartman from South Park.

SFC: How has your American tour been going? Favorite experience?

Inesha: So far very good! Definitely the best American tour we ever done…we are playing in bigger venues compared to the past tours and I can see our name has gotten more popular in the US, also it is always a pleasure to see friends that we don’t get to see very often…and I’m very glad to see how good people respond to our sound!

SFC: Any specific things you want to do that you haven’t been able to do in the US?

Inesha: I’d like to change this stupid rule that make clubs shut down at 2am!!!

SFC: What’s in store for the people of Orlando when you come to Takeovr next week?

Inesha: We have tons of new tracks so get ready to bounce…and ladies don’t put too much clothes on please, our stickers will cover you up!

SFC: What keeps you going?

Inesha: Coffee and cigarettes!

SFC: Any Last Words?

Inesha: Kids: there is life after dubstep!

Quick Questions:

SFC: During performance, Boxers or Brief?

Inesha: Dude we are Italian…boxers don’t exist!

SFC: Whats in your wallet?

Inesha: I don’t use wallets anymore…I’ve lost too many of them.

SFC: How many times have you been naked in public?

Inesha: Do people in group-sex count as public?
SFC: Did you ever sleep over at a girls house, and wake up and find you were actually sleeping with your mother?

Inesha: Nope, but I woke up a couple of time with somebody else’s mom!

SFC: 2012, what’s going to happen?

Inesha: Hopefully we’ll be rich!

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