Tuesday, 12 July 2011


deadmau5, T In The Park 2011
Today is a good day. Over the weekend working/browsing deadmau5's facebook updates, and a photo was brought to my attention. Deadmau5 boarding the Foo Fighters private jet with none other than Dave Grohl.
As if this wasn’t spectacle enough, he happened to be wearing Dirty Smart's 'Dirty House' tee.

I knew deadmau5 was playing T In The Park on Sunday so became glued to ALL his social media feeds, fixated with the hope that Joel may take to the main stage wearing Dirty Smart in front of 80k screaming fans. I didnt have to wait long.

Joel Zimmerman, I dont know you but fuck you’re a legend.

When i first started Dirty Smart i reached out to some of my favourite artists telling them about my idea. Some liked it; others asked what was in it for them...

Its a common misconception that Dirty Smart pays artists to wear our gear... we don’t. The way we see it is that if money changes hands, there is not love.

Not just that- I defo couldn’t afford to pay for the endorsement of some of the cats we have spotted representing! Im a 25 year old raver with no financial clout. Just a kid with a dream i guess...

To any artist that digs and wears Dirty Smart... it's hard to put my appreciation into words; however it goes without saying that my hat is off.

(photo by Joel Zimmerman)

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Dirty Smart - 'Dirty House'

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