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Eddie Halliwell interview, Ibiza 2011
Global dance phenomenen and Ibiza regular Eddie Halliwell returns to his beloved White Isle this Summer, for a Cream residency at Amnesia and a one off special ED-IT show in August.

As an expert on all things Ibiza, what better person to fill us in on some of the island’s best bits and hidden gems. So without further ado, we bring you Eddie Halliwell’s guide to Ibiza.

What’s one thing that any first time visitor to Ibiza should experience?

What it's famed for… the clubs! All of them are so unique in their own way and offer a different experience.

What is your...

...Favourite Ibiza restaurant

Sa Capella - it's an old monastery in the hills that they've turned in to an amazing restaurant - great setting and even greater food.

...Best Ibiza memory

There's been so many over the years - the best memories have been when there's a big group of my friends and family out there with me.

...Favourite place to escape the crowds

The less touristy beaches like Es Cavellet or anchoring a boat off Formentera.

...Favourite place for pre-club drinks

I enjoy Ibiza Rocks Bar - I am playing a few Cream pre-parties there this year and it always gets me in buzz mode for the night ahead!

...Favourite beach

I don't actually get much time to go to the beach when I'm in Ibiza as I'm usually in and out for gigs, but Blue Marlin for a great day out with my mates and for a nice chilled one with my girlfriend somewhere like Es Cavallet or Formentera.

...Favourite club to DJ at

So far I've DJ'd at Amnesia, Space and Eden and love them all for different reasons..

What’s the...

...Best place to recover from a hangover

Bed! Or on a sun-lounger round the pool.

...Best place to watch the sunset

Kasbah! All the crowds flock to Mambo and Cafe Del Mar - but if you want a great view, comfort, perfect sunset music and ambience, it's got to be Kasbah.

...Best place for breakfast

I am usually just getting in at breakfast time so I wouldn't know! Don't think I've ever eaten breakfast in Ibiza!

...Best lunch spot

Kasbah again probably - it's great for light snacks and a nice ice cold beer..

Try to sum up what makes Ibiza so special in one sentence.

The reason Ibiza is so special is because everyone is there for the same reason - to have the time of their lives!


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