Friday, 8 July 2011


Paul Van Dyk, Evolution
Back in April, Paul van Dyk debuted his new stage show, Evolution, in the Sahara Tent at Coachella. Sharing its name with the veteran’s forthcoming album, the integrated audio-visual show was the result of intensive development with “people who are pretty much fucking amazing at what they do”, as he put it to Chinashop in an interview.

The idea of Evolution, essentially, is to do something more than just flash pretty lights. “Over the last few years, individual live production became more and more important in the touring circle, and I was looking into what was going on,” he said in that interview. “There are quite a lot of impressive screens, but I realised that there’s no real creative input on those screens. It’s just different kinds of this and that, and it doesn’t really follow a storyline that goes along with the music and features elements that are audible and visual at the same time.”

The Evolution set begins with the Big Bang then charts a timeline right through till to ‘The Modern Media World’. “The music is obviously the most important element,” PvD added. “It doesn’t matter if you have an amazing live show. If the music is not really that good, that doesn’t help.”

Since then, ‘Evolution’ has, err, evolved, into a more complex beast. On Saturday 1 July, the DJ presented the full journey over a mammoth six-hour set on day one of the Dance.Here.Now festival in New York. While the photos below can’t really capture the full narrative of the night, you certainly get the sense of a proper production. A production we hope to see here before the year is done…


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