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What’s Mylo up to in 2011?

Mylo DJ
It’s hard to believe that over seven years have passed since Mylo went stratospheric with his debut Destroy Rock & Roll. Front-loaded with anthems Drop The Pressure, Muscle Car and In My Arms, the album was a blockbuster on the charts and set its creator up as an electro sensation. He formed a live band and toured the world tirelessly, while DJs everywhere hammered his surefire crowd-pleasers.

Destroy Rock & Roll was the kind of album that gets people very excited about a follow-up. Alas, it was not to be – or at least, not yet.

Back in May, the affable Scot shared some words with Time Out in London that you might have missed (we did). “I’ve spent time working on new material and remixes, of which I have a fair bit now,” he revealed in the rare interview. “I just need to work out whether I should come back with it in some ridiculous way that involves a triple album or something! But, seriously, I’m just really looking forward to being able to release again.”

On the question of why it’s taken this long to get to the point of a second album, though, he’s not so forthcoming. “For reasons I’m not at liberty to discuss, I haven’t been able to release music in a couple of years.”

Alright, then…

Of course, Mylo hasn’t been completely off the radar in the last few years. As well as swinging down under in the early days of 2007, he’s turned out select remixes for acts like Cut Copy, all the while honing his tastes as a DJ.

Most recently, Mylo has been one of the forces behind a string of free parties at London’s Dalston Superstore called Ecstasy, Passion & Pain, featuring a rotating cast of ‘nu-disco’ talent. As Mylo told Time Out, in the years following Destroy Rock & Roll he was “notoriously terrible” at DJing. A particularly disastrous set at Space in Ibiza a few years ago got him “unofficially blacklisted there”, but he’s since brushed up on his skills and will be back at the club this season.

Mylo’s first crack at Parklife, back in 2004, was also a bit of a trainwreck. “Yeah, he didn’t know how to DJ,” laughed Fuzzy’s Ming Gan last year when asked about it. This time, though, you can expect more polish – and hopefully the first hints of the sequel(s) to Destroy Rock & Roll. “During the last year or so, I’ve moved away from the electro noise scene,” he told Time Out. “I think it’s an amazing time for disco music.”


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