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Sander van Doorn, Cream Ibiza 2011
Sander van Doorn has cranked out more dance floor destroyers, sold-out gigs, number one records, and awards than most artists do in a lifetime.

Recent hits like ‘Love is Darkness’ and of course massive collaborations and remixes of The Killers (Spaceman), Robbie Williams (Close My Eyes) and Depeche Mode (Peace) have proven Sander’s ability to cross genres, and stay at the forefront of the electronic scene.

Besides his busy production schedule, Sander has worked tirelessly to bring his radio show ‘Identity’ and his clubbing concept, ‘Dusk till Doorn’ to fruition. And if this wasn’t enough, he somehow manages to make time to produce his quarterly ‘how-to’ show called ‘Studio Sessions’ on his YouTube channel (SanderVanDoornTV).

This year Sander releases ‘Dusk Til Doorn 2011’ a double disc compilation album integrating the best of what the Dusk Till Doorn clubbing concept has to offer.

We caught up with one of the busiest DJs of the moment to ask him about his new album and what he has in store for his appearances at Cream Ibiza this year...

Where are you right now, what can you see around you?

I’m in my studio and all I can really see is the computer monitor and the plug in I have loaded!

You’re going to be performing at Cream Ibiza @ Amnesia this year what can we expect from your sets over the summer?

I never plan out what I will play, I just try and give the people great music that will make them dance! I’m sure I will drop a few of my own tracks along with some big surprises!

Are you going to be checking out any other artists whilst you’re in Ibiza?

As much as I would love to hit up parties on the island, I am usually not there long enough.

Have you ever stood under the ice cannons at the club?

I have had confetti , smoke and now ice cannons as well. They actually gave me a cold once, haha…

What track makes you think of Ibiza?

Well, I produced “Koko” with the Ibiza/summer feeling in my mind, so for me “Koko” is definitely an Ibiza song.

What is the most important thing you have learnt in your career?

To appreciate everyday because life is short!

A lot of traditionally recognised trance DJ’s are also branching into the house/electro scene, do you think clubbers these days prefer to listen to sets that have a mix of genres?

Without a doubt! I think introducing new music to fans and club goers at large is part of my job, so I’m always listening to all music to find the right combination of sounds for my set!

Where do you see the future of electronic music going?

I think it will continue to peak and gain more exposure through pop music. I see a lot of pop stars using dance music to give them a real edge in the industry and I don’t see this ending anytime soon. As long as it’s done well, then it can be a great thing.

Tell us about your new album ‘Dusk Till Doorn 2011’?

It’s a double compilation that’s just come out! I mixed the album and it’s a companion to my Dusk Till Doorn nights. Basically starting out a bit more housey and progressing the album as I would a live set. So far, people’s reactions have been really positive and I will be touring on the album through the summer! I did a video about DTD and it’s here on my YouTube channel; http://www.youtube.com/user/sandervandoorntv

How did you set out choosing tracks for the album?

I picked tracks from artists that I play and of course I experimented with how to put the tracks together to really create the right vibe of a Dusk Till Doorn experience. It took about two full months to get the tracklist exactly right and I guess I started with about 90 tracks to choose from!

Have you got any plans to make an artist album in the future?

Yes my artist album is nearly done and I couldn’t be happier with the result! It’s a proper album, not simply a bunch of club tracks put together. I’ve worked with some great artists on the album and I think people will really enjoy it! Should be out at the end of the year ;)

If you were hanging up your headphones and playing your final ever set, what would be your closing track?

It hasn’t been written yet!

So many successful DJs come from Holland, Ferry Corsten, Tiesto, Afrojack and Laidback Luke to name a few, is there something in the water that creates successful electronic artists?

Yeah, I get this question a lot and to be honest- I just don’t know!! Definitely proud to be Dutch!

Have you got any collaborations on the cards?

Yes. I did a track with Laidback Luke and one with Sidney Samson! I have a big remix as well, but can’t mention that one just yet!

What’s next for you? Do you have a 5 year plan or go with the flow?

A little of both. I definitely plan for the future with the help of my great team, but I also know that in music, you have to be flexible as things can change quickly!

Sander van Doorn performs at Cream @ Amnesia in Ibiza on Thursday 1st September . Advance tickets on sale now: www.ticketline.co.uk / Tel: 0844 888 4401 /www.ibiza-spotlight.com/ www.skiddle.com

(source- www.cream.co.uk)

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