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Dirty Smart
Woke up this morning to find this cheeky little number posted by the clubbing website

Its rare i let people into my warped mind, however with a little probing it is possible get some sense out of me!

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Launched back in ‘09, balls deep in recession, it’s fair to say Oli and the Dirty Smart team have been on an interesting journey.

WHO: Oli Hopkinson, 25, raver turned fashionista.

To provide the finest gear, to the most cutting edge clubbers across the globe.

“I paid my way as a club DJ. In ’08, after a season in Ibiza, I made the painful decision to sell my decks, mixer and speakers, and combine my love for music with my love for fashion”.

It’s been a meteoric rise for Dirty Smart, sponsoring club events all over the world, and appearing on the backs of some of the greatest DJ’s in the world including Deadmau5, Laidback Luke, & Michael Woods to name but a few.

“It all started with Funkagenda… In ’08 I messaged him on myspace telling him about my ‘Dirty Smart plan’ and he liked it. 3 months later I had samples, drove down to Toolroom HQ, and gave him the first set of Dirty Smart threads.”

Dirty Smart has now released its 4th dope range, titled ‘Versus’, collaborating on designs with some of the UK’s hottest artists including Funkagenda, Will Bailey, & Black Noise.

“I love the clubbing industry. There are no high horses or ‘get-the-fuck-away-from-me’ personalities. I arrived in work last week with an email from the Italian duo ‘Blatta & Inesha’ simply with the words, “YO, let’s take over the world…”
That kind of correspondence doesn’t typically happen between myself and menswear buyers!”

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'Rockin' Out'


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