Monday, 11 July 2011


deadmau5, the cube
This Summer, deadmau5 has been busy going large on some of Europe’s biggest stages. In June, the producer packed out London’s Victoria Park for his own mini-festival, before rolling on to Sweden, Norway, Serbia and Scotland. Most of those shows saw the mighty ‘Cube’ set-up in action, but it looks like the man in the mau5-head is moving on.

Before appearing at Scotland’s immense T In The Park festival over the weekend (80,000 up-for-it Scots make for quite the party), deadmau5 took to Facebook with this message: “Allllllright TITP, this is it! the last show on the tour, and the last time i stand atop the mousecube! Let’s make it epic.”

From all reports, the performance was epic, but there hasn’t been a further update about what’s to become of the live show from here. Deadmau5 also appeared over the weekend at EXIT Festival, where he took the Dance Arena through till sunrise in his ‘Unhooked’ guise, the dialled-down live set-up that cuts out the Cube and LED mau5-head.

Maybe ‘Unhooked’ will be the way of the future for the hard-touring superstar (an August circuit of the US awaits), or perhaps there’s an even bigger and bolder production waiting in the wings. We’re banking on the latter.

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