Monday, 7 March 2011


It's funny how some of the greatest moments of your life are also the stupidest...

5th March will go in my memory bank as a night to remember. At the risk of sounding like a massive namedropper, I want to share a special moment.

2.30am. I’m in the DJ booth with Laidback Luke. Long story as to how I managed to have the privilege of being in this position. In honesty I had to pinch myself to remind myself I wasn’t dreaming...

So; im in the booth, having a dance off with Luke's tour manager (Tony Flexx), watching the crowd go CRAZY; and I see some guy in the crowd holding up his iPhone with the scrolling text:


I double take, and see that this guy is rockin' out next to a guy wearing a Dirty Smart t-shirt!
After BIG lols, I left the comfort of the booth, found this bloke, and rocked out with him for the next 30 mins. Front row centre obvs.

3.30am, and im back in the DJ booth, joker grin on my face, cutting shapes; and I spot the same guy. This time half naked, holding up his iPhone with the scrolling message:


Next thing I know a sweaty t-shirt hits me in the face!! I oblige, whip off my tee (Dirty Smart 'Booom') and throw it at him!

Never before have I been so happy to be covered in another mans sweat, HOWEVER, wasn’t happy that his tee was a small and I rock an XL!

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