Thursday, 24 March 2011


Elements of my job really turn me on. In particular, indirect product placement.
For example; last year I was vegetating on my couch, watching ‘Friday Night with Jonathan Ross’. The camera panned the studio audience and rested on a bloke rockin’ none other than Dirty Smart’s ‘High On Life’ tee!
No idea who that geezer was but Dirty Smart LUVS YA!

So, yesterday I received a text from a friend of the fam, simply saying, “Dirty Smart on Louie Spence...”
My palms started sweating... I had visions of Louie or that Andrew Stone character prancing around, doing pirouettes and stuff, rockin’ DS.

FYI, I’m not in the slightest bit homophobic; HOWEVER, Dirty Smart was created for the “cool cats” of today’s youth. I have a very clear marketing strategy and if certain individuals sport the brand, it can cause irreparable damage (Louie Spence, Andrew Stone, Guetta, Alex Reed, Harry Potter, Will.I.Am, Osama, David Platt e.t.c)

If my vision was a reality, Dirty Smart was over...
Credibility can take years and years to earn, and be shattered in an instant.

Anyways, I jumped in my car and headed for my folks to rinse SkyPlayer, in an attempt to confirm or disprove the tip off. 6 hours later I found the footage...

LUCKILY my fave Hip Hop/ Grime duo ‘WIZARD SLEEVE’ were on the show a few weeks ago, and Mike Beatz was rockin’ Dirty Smart’s ‘Fiend On The Club Scene' Hoodie!

HUGE sigh of relief, VERY funny footage, and Dirty Smart’s DEBUT on Sky 1!

Mad props to Lex-One & Mike Beatz, Dirty Smart LUVS YA!

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