Monday, 28 March 2011


Tilllate magazine have interviewed one of my favourite electro groups AQUASKY!

Iv been a big fan of these boys for a long time, and one of the trio was repping Dirty Smart's 'Vinyl Rules' tee in this interview...

Tilllate: What’s your set up for making tunes?
Aquasky: Cubase 4 and Ableton rewired with Cubase. Mostly we’re running all VST software, but we have a bunch of old synths and other analogue hardware we sometimes use if we fancy it or the need arises.

Tilllate: How do you approach a track/remix?
Aquasky: We always have the same approach in that we get a few basic ideas down, and make sure the parts are really firing before we move on to arranging a track. Usually we set up Cubase and Ableton on a loop, wither 2/4 or an 8 bar, line up all the tracks underneath each other and get all the parts running together and make sure we get the groove locked down. Then we arrange it, often we may go back and tweak some of the sounds e.g. the drum sounds once it’s arranged to make sure it all sounds phat as possible. We generally try to mixdown the tune as we’re going rather than making a tune and “mixing” it at the end.

Tilllate: Favorite synth/ plug-ins?
Aquasky: We have found the Sonnox stuff to be really good, especially the limiter and EQ. Also, Cubase standard stuff as it’s pretty good – looks boring but does the job! Synth-wise, at the moment N.I Massive as it’s got the most flexible modulation routing and automation.

Tilllate: What you working on just now?
Aquasky: A remix for Engine-Earz experiment, one for The Squatters, two EP’s for Lee Mortimer’s Wearhouse label, as well as tracks on Passenger Records. So, Watch out for them and also the Black Noise sample pack for our sample label Monster Sounds!

Tilllate: What track changed your life and made you want to produce music?
Aquasky: It’s hard to pick one, but I guess it’s got to be something from the early 90’s, so maybe ‘LFO’ by LFO. I always found the clean sub bass in this fascinating!

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