Wednesday, 23 March 2011


Sad news of another death in the music industry. This time it's one of the original voices of disco. The vocalist behind many timeless dance classics, including the 1980 disco hit 'Love Sensation' and the voice of many house classics from Black Box to Marky Mark and The Funky Bunch, has died from heart failure at the age of 64.

She recorded her first single in 1971. At the end of the decade she sang backing vocals on Dan Hartman's 'Re-Light My Fire' who then helped to pen and create what became her greatest hit 'Love Sensation' and helped galvanise the house and disco movements.

The Track was also brought back to life in 1991 when Black Box sampled her on 'Ride On Time' and she also appeared on the track Good Vibrations by Marky Mark.

In more recent years Loleatta recorded a cover of Madonna's 'Like A Prayer' for the Madonna tribute album 'Virgin Voices'. She was also sampled on the Whitey Houston 2009 recording of 'Million Dollar Bill'.

The electroinic music community will miss one of its original and all-time greatest voices.

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