Friday, 18 March 2011


Pacha Sharm chief Maya Challita chatted to Skrufff this week about the fall-out from Egypt’s recent revolution and revealed that the Red Sea superclub remained open throughout the three weeks of street protests and chaos.

The club was never closed at any point, but to cope with the drop in numbers of visitors to Sharm we opened the indoor room and closed the main open-air room,”Maya revealed.

“Numbers for the entire month of February were very low, and we worked at 10% of our usual capacity, but as of this week, we’ll be reopening the main open-air room twice per week on our main nights of Thursday and Sunday. For the rest of the week, we’ll be continuing with parties in the indoor room, for the next couple of weeks.”

Almost 400 people died and over 6,000 were injured in anti-government riots in Cairo and Suez last month, which saw feared dictator President Mubarak stepping down on February 11 to be replaced by a military council. Maya said Sharm, remained entirely peaceful.

“The city and the whole Sinai Peninsula is quit isolated from the rest of the country and there were never any demonstrations or violent incidents in Sharm at all,” said Maya. “Only the local people discussed politics while for the tourists, Sharm was the same peaceful place as always just with less visitors,” she said.

Despite media reports of hundreds of tourists fleeing the country, Maya said one group of regulars remained undeterred.

“The British never stopped travelling to Sharm and were very supportive,” she said. “Since the first week of March, Italians have start to come back and we hope that Russians will follow very soon. We believe that the situation will be fully back to normal by April, which is the regular high season,” she predicted.

“It's good to react with the new generation of Egyptians who are all very open minded and enthusiastic to rebuild their country on a new basis, with no corruption, more freedom and democracy,” Maya added.

“You can see that the young generation have very similar aspirations all over the world wherever they are,” she said.

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