Monday, 21 March 2011


Previously denying the likes of juggernauts Paul Oakenfold and The Crystal Method the chance to remix their iconic tracks, its been purported that the duo have nothing to do with their forthcoming TRON: R3CONFIGURED album, with head honcho Busy P claiming to Disney that the famous robo-lovers had nothing to do with the album. P released this statement earlier in the day:


Dear Disney people,
You know i love you (we all do)
But Walt! Come on! How can you take my robots friends so far away from good taste ?

I am 100% sure the Daft boys were not involved in this side (sad) project.

Of course some of it is nice, and you know there are some of my friends on this CD.

But this is not enough!

A masterpiece like TRON soundtrack deserved the best and I am sad to discover the A&R at Disney records is apparently buying most of his electronic music in airports stores…”

No statement has been released by Disney. Probably because its being treated as nothing more than scandalous rumors, with the mutli-national company probably not even raising an eyebrow. Needless to say the statement shortly disappeared from the artyists blog not long ago not long ago.


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