Tuesday, 22 March 2011


At Dirty Smart we will never pay for editorial. Why? Because if you’ve got something great, you shouldn’t have to pay to ram it down people’s throats.

To date we have appeared numerous times in: DJ Mag, Mixmag, Zoo, Nuts, Partysan (front cover), 69/247, Tilllate, m8, Urban Life, Bent, Arena, The Big Issue, Cosmopolitan (lol), & iDJ to name but a few; and guess what? The only thing that changed hands (at their request) was a couple of tees!
(FYI, before the joke fly in; the 'Cosmo' article was titled, "what to buy your boyfriend this Christmas"...)

Magazines have 3 different revenue streams. Retail, advertising, and advertorial (a mash-up of advertising and editorial).

I received a phone call last week from the magazine MAXIM. Good magazine, high readership volume.

The phone call went kinda like this...

Maxim Rep: “Mr Dirty Smart, we would like to feature the tee ‘YO PUNK’ as our top tee of the month.”
Mr Dirty Smart: “Good choice.”
Maxim Rep: “Thanks! We love what you do, and on a personal note you have great hair.”
Mr Dirty Smart: “Thanks!”
Maxim Rep: “So, I need you to send me a bit of info about “YO PUNK”, some press pictures if you have them, and *cough* 5 grand.”
Mr Dirty Smart: “In the quiet words of the virgin Mary… Come again?”

This is pretty standard, and it explains why some absolute crap gains publicity. It comes down to how deep your pockets are, and at the end of the day, if you throw enough shit at people, some is bound to stick *cough* Projects NYC...

What is ACE is when a magazine takes a story you send them, and the next thing you know it’s been published. No sweet-talking; no foreplay, it just happens.

What is EVEN better is when your flicking through a magazine and you find something you were not expecting...

Below is a link to an online magazine called ‘Mens Fashion Magazine’. I’m an avid reader as it give a real insight to top end fashion and some sneaky peeks at mental couture clobber. After checking out the Dirty Smart article on page 75 & 76 make sure you check out the article on Cipher (page 9). Bang tidy sneakers.


Props to all at MFM.

Dirty Smart LUVS YA!


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