Monday, 28 March 2011


Just like clockwork for the past three years Canadian producer Deadmau5 – Joel Zimmerman – has dropped records collecting together his various productions and collaborations from each respective period. But while his output has been undeniably prolific, Deadmau5 acolytes have been itching for a rounded and more cohesive body of work from the Canuck producer, something which Zimmerman plans to deliver when he returns to the artist album format in 2011.

Speaking ahead of the Australian debut of his banging LED live show on the Creamfields festival tour, Zimmerman confirmed that he’s already at work on a new artist album, saying that in 2011 he wants to “make music, some weird shows and just try and get that fucking artist album out that I’ve been trying to do my whole life”.

As Zimmerman explained, the delay on a new fully-blown Deadmau5 artist album has been due mainly to his relentless, exhaustion-causing tour schedule which has seen the Canadian star criss-cross the globe with his monster LED/Rubix Cube live show.

“I’m probably the most transparent fucker on the internet. Whenever I have any free time I’m in the studio working on music. This is what I enjoy doing and I’m always doing it,” he said. “If I can finally take some time to really work on a project that other people enjoy as well then I guess it will be worth it.”

Discussing the direction of the album Zimmerman made it clear that while it was still early days he planned to keep the material all together and under wraps for now.

“I want to compile an album of, say, 12 things you’ve never heard from me before and that’s not some re-worked thing from two years ago,” he said of his LP ambitions. “I have my Soundcloud page where I put a lot of shit up but there’s some stuff that I won’t let anybody hear, stuff that I’m saving. I want it to have a lot more kick, you know what I mean?”

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