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Richie Hawtin, World Tour 2011
To call Richie Hawtin a heavy hitter is an understatement; the guy has been at the forefront in fostering the future sound of techno for more than 20 years. Now, Hawtin is embarking on a massive summer tour, featuring festival stopovers in the U.S. to play consecutive nights performing both under his own name and as renowned minimal alias Plastikman.

In addition to the Electric Daisy Carnival and Electric Zoo festivals, the full set of Hawtin’s currently announced tour dates are below. For a visual representation of the tour dates, visit:


June 10th – Lausanne, Switzerland
June 12th – Erfurt, Germany
June 12th – Hamburg Germany
June 18th – La Coruna, Spain
June 18th – Wr. Neustadt, Lower Austria
June 20th – Ibiza, Spain
June 21st – Paris, France
June 24th – Las Vegas, USA (Plastikman)
June 25th – Las Vegas, USA
June 30th – Denver, Colorado
July 1st – San Francisco, California
July 2nd – Hollywood, California
July 3rd – El Paso, Texas
July 8th – Zurich, Switzerland
July 9th – Kiev, Ukraine
July 10th – Leverkusen, Germany
July 12th – Ibiza, Spain
July 15th – Napels, Italy
July 16th – St. Petersburg, Russia
July 16th – Eindhoven, Netherlands
July 19th – Mykonos, Greece
July 21st – Gent, Belgium
July 22nd – Porto Veccio, France
July 23rd – Huesca, Spain
July 24th – Boom, Belgium
July 25th – Ibiza, Spain
July 29th – Stratford, England
July 31st – Juan Les Pins, France
August 1st – Saggart, Ireland
August 5th – Ibiza, Spain (Plastikman)
August 6th – Cecina, Italy
August 7th – Zambujeira Do Mar, Portugal
August 10th – Budapest, Hungary
August 11th – Porto Cervo, Italy
August 13th – Taranto, Italy
August 14th – Jerez de la Frontera, Spain
August 15th – Riccione, Italy
August 16th – Popovka, Ukraine
August 17th – Mykonos, Greece
August 21st – Neuss, Germany
August 22nd – Ibiza, Spain
August 26th – Bratislava, Slovakia
August 27th – Vijfhuizen, Netherlands
August 28th – London, England
September 2nd – New York, USA (Plastikman)
September 4th – New York, USA
September 17th – Valencia, Spain
September 19th – Ibiza, Spain

(source- www.mixmag.net)

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