Thursday, 16 June 2011


Funkagenda defends David Guetta
UK house and tech-house producer Funkagenda has caused some stir in the dance music world this week, by launching an array of complaints in defence of a certain French superstar DJ.

In the comments on his blog, the West Midlands-raised producer defended the cause of dance music crossover and the rise of ‘EDM’ music into the mainstream charts and global market, in a rant that claimed the subject of defense was accused of bastardizing dance music by a young fan of modern electronic music.

In a lengthy rant, Funkagenda – known as Adam Walder to his mother - spouted: “I could play my favorite seminal Sasha set, recorded at Privilege in 2002, to one of these new wave of 'dance music' fans and they would look at me like I was just playing them brown noise. "Where are the vocals? How do you dance to it? But play one of monsieur's tracks to them + they will bounce around the room like a spastic woodpecker on Adderall.”

For more, head over to his blog to read the tirade in its full glory.

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