Thursday, 30 June 2011


Hotel Es Vive, Ibiza
This has NOTHING to do with Michael Woods's club banger...
Although, a Mojito in Es Vive's pool, whist listening to 'First Aid' on repeat, would certainly make me forget about my red raw feet & put me in the mood for rockin' out!

Ibiza’s iconic Hotel Es Vive have announced a new addition to their services this summer: fish pedicure for tired boogie feet.

The concept of the fish pedis, courtesy of London’s biggest Fish spa Anesis, is to sit back and have the tiny fish doctors nibble away at your feet removing dead skin, making them feel smooth and rejuvenated and ready for the dance floor once more. As the ultimate pampering experience for our often neglected friends, which we manage to squeeze into tight shoe-wear and get trampled on weekend after weekend, it sounds like music to our ears.

For more details head to Es Vive now.

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