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Benny Benassi's top 10 DJ desinations
When you talk about the great chameleons of the dance music world, Italian hitmaker Benny Benassi likely won’t reach the upper ranks of such an illustrious list. But that’s only because Benassi has never really been concerned with endlessly shifting styles and reinventing himself with every album cycle. Rather, Benassi has remained ardently true to his signature brash, no-holds-barred electro sound motifs, staying in the main room and waiting for everyone to come around to him and not the other way around.

Now onto his new artist album with cousin and co-producer Alle Benassi, Electroman sees Benassi as the toast of the moment with the big guns of the dance pop scene like Kelis, T-Pain and Chris Brown all of whom appear across the disc.

With his profile once again reaching stratospheric levels, inthemix figured that an in-demand DJ like Benny Benassi would have some good war stories from his time on the road across the globe, so we invited Benassi to helm the latest edition of our Guest Lists feature series where we ask the biggest names in dance to give us their favourite things, in this case, their top 10 places to play in the world. Over to you, Benny.

#10 Pukkelpop Festival, Belgium.

“Pukkelpop; maybe the best festival in Europe? I love festivals that embrace different musical styles. I didn’t list Coachella but it’s up there too. It’s great to finish your set and go and check out a rock band.”

#9 Pacha, Ibiza

“A legendary club and still my favourite on the island.”

#8 Glow, Washington DC

“One of my favourite parties. I love playing here and am hoping Obama will show up one day!”

#7 Sankeys, Manchester, UK

“Nice underground vibe here. I like playing this club from time to time. I can really get my claws out!”

#6 Global Dance @ Red Rock, Denver, USA

“A natural arena that is simply breathtaking [and] an unusual setting for a DJ set! When I played here for the first time, I couldn’t stop thinking about the fact that U2 used the same place for a video location and as a loyal Bono fan, I was pretty excited.”

#5 Cavo Paradiso, Mykonos

“At 6AM when the sun is rising, the atmosphere in this club is better than anything technology can produce!”

#4 Ultra Music Festival, Miami

“A great festival with great production in the best week of the year! I’m a regular and appreciate the support this festival has given me over the years.”

#3 Stereosonic, Australia

“I played for the first time in 2010 and I hadn’t been to Australia for a while. I just couldn’t believe the atmosphere in the crowd and behind the scenes. All the artists traveled together and we did a lot of hanging out together. It was like being on a school trip! There’s a video on YouTube produced by the organizers. You can see how much fun I had.”

#2 Pacha, New York

“New York is like a second home to me. I love the energy this club has. Every time I go there, I’m amazed. I start getting excited about 200 yards from the club…the air is electric.”

#1 Electric Daisy Carnival, USA

“I’ve been playing this festival in Los Angeles for a few years. In June it’s moving to Las Vegas. I can’t wait to feel that desert vibe. I love this festival. Such great production.”


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