Tuesday, 13 September 2011


Skrillex, Korn, The Path To Totality
File this one under 'headlines you wouldn't have seen two years ago'.
On 12 November 2011, nu-metal survivors Korn will release album number ten, 'The Path To Totality', which normally wouldn’t raise a blip on Dirty Smart's radar. Things are different this time, though, thanks to the involvement of bass fiends Kill The Noise, Excision, 12th Planet and Skrillex, who readied us for all this back in April. That's right, concerned citizens of the world: Korn has made a "dubstep album".

With fittingly Korn-y titles like 'Chaos Lives In Everything', 'Narcissistic Cannibal' and 'Burn The Obedient', 'The Path To Totality' is certainly a curious prospect. "Normally it would drive me crazy because I think drum machines are soulless," Korn's drummer Ray Lazier told Download magazine. "But (singer Jonathan Davis) said, 'No, we're going to experiment with triggers,' which I've never done before. So we actually triggered the sounds Skrillex made with my kit – I'm actually playing them live."

As we hardly need to tell you, the reaction from Korn acolytes has been decidedly mixed. Sample message board appraisal: "Dubstep is the dumbest fucking thing ever created." However you cut it, it's certainly notable that the likes of 12th Planet and Excision are throwing their weight behind such a divisive band. Have a listen to the Skrillex collab 'Get Up' to assess whether you’re intrigued or queasy at the prospect of an album’s worth of this.


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