Tuesday, 27 September 2011


Mad Decent Volume 1
Mad Decent is proud to announce its very own "Mad Decent Volume 1" compilation, featuring 18 tracks hand selected by label head Diplo from his favorite overlooked remixes of past releases plus a variety of new music from the label's next crop of artists.

The compilation presents a selection of Mad Decent artist who've helped shape the label's unique personality since its inception. Featuring blistering remixes of classics such as Bosco Delrey's "Wild One" (Reset! Remix) and Maluca's "El Tigeraso" (Sticky K Remix) to unreleased gems like Boy 8-bit "House on the Hill" and Dillon Francis's "Beautician 2.0", to in your face bangers like Rusko's "Everyday" (Netsky Remix). Mad Decent Vol. 1 is as much a showcase of the label's biggest names and tracks as it is an illustration of its incessant efforts to bring new genres and cultures to light.

The label has come a long way from the underground Philly scene where it all started, collecting a diversified group of artists along the way. From Blaqstarr, to Rusko, to Savage Skulls and PO PO, the sound and influences come from all over the world, and somehow work together to form a unified front of weirdos that make music outside the lines.

"We've seen artists explode, interns come and go, bills forgetting to get paid, mix tapes getting us sued, and block parties going nationwide. Through it all, we've made a really amazing catalog of music, which is what this comp is all about."

Bag your copy of MAD DECENT VOLUME 1 from iTunes *HERE*

Download a minimix of the album for free *HERE*

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