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Michael Woods, August '11 interview
Impressive is a word that springs to mind when you consider Michael Woods’ steep rise to notoriety; from being associated to all things Ministry, including the kick start to a new series of compilations aptly entitled 'Residents'; being asked to emanate his sound through other people’s tracks; to holding residency at Cream Amnesia; and producing Example’s number 1 smash hit. His soaring popularity knows no bounds and transcends Europe’s dance culture boom right through to the USA – it’s clear that the turning of each of these chapters is a precursor in what is looking set to be an epic novel of booming success....

Hello! Firstly, how are you and what’s been going on in the past week?

Michael Woods (MW): I’m good thanks. I’d just come back from a crazy tour in North America and headed straight to Ibiza for a show at Cream Amnesia.

Your name is out there, people are aware of who you are, but how would you best describe your sound? Can you do it in 3 words?

MW: I love to make music that gets the dance floor rocking. I’d describe my sound as Big – uplifting – memorable

Congratulations on producing the number 1 single with Example (Changed The Way You Kiss Me) – how did you react to having a number 1? What does it mean to you?

MW: I remember being in a pizza hut in Latvia when I found out! I was pretty chilled out considering I never expected the track to do that well. It means a lot to me because now I know people are buying in to my sound and also its opened a lot of doors for me.

Because of such a rise to fame, do you ever feel pressured to produce consistently revered tracks?

MW: I know I have to deliver the goods now on every production but I don’t feel under pressure in any way – people either like my music or they don’t.

Tell us a little bit about your forthcoming single.

MW: My next single is called White Sky, I’ve been playing it out in all my recent sets and its been going down really well – originally I made it because I needed some new material that no one else had to play on my North American Tour, and due to the amazing reaction I’ve decided to release it as a single.

Have you got an artist album in the pipeline, if so, anything you can tell us about that?

MW: I will definitely release an artist album in the future but there are no immediate plans right now – at the moment I’m concentrating on making some hit singles and once they’re in the bag I can concentrate 100% on the album, which I really hope to have out by summer 2012.

Exciting stuff! How is the American tour going, how do they react to you over there?

MW: The American fans are absolutely amazing! Every single gig had the crowd going completely nuts, like I’ve never seen before. I love playing there and can’t wait to go back in September and November this year.

You’re playing all over Ibiza this summer – is there one particular night you’re looking forward to play? And what night do you like to go out and party at?

MW: So far this year I’ve played at Cream Amnesia, Space and Sankeys in Ibiza and I’ve had an incredible time. These are amongst the world’s most prestigious clubs and its an honour to play there. If I’m there to party I love to go see either Tiesto at Privilege or Luciano at Pacha.

How was Sankeys Ibiza – how does it better the Sankeys in Manchester?

MW: It was totally incredible – the club is huge and has an amazing sound system with huge sub woofers embedded under the dance floor, and also had a fascinating light show.

What else is in store for you?

MW: I’ve got lots more travelling in the near future, I’m playing at Electric Zoo Festival in New York followed by Pacha NYC this month, and also Nocturnal festival near Los Angeles. Along with the touring I’m in the studio working on more productions and also remixes for Benny Benassi and Armin....

Check out Michael Woods' live set from the Electric Zoo here:

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