Friday, 9 September 2011


deadmau5, Paris Hilton
This week we blogged about an unlikely but real rendezvous of the incred deadmau5 & Paris Hilton.

As they do, the World’s media has taken Paris Hilton chatting to deadmau5 and interpreted it as the brilliant DJ sharing his wealth of knowledge and skills with the infamous heiress to the Hilton fortune. deadmau5 quickly replied stating,


HEY WORLD... im not teaching Paris Hilton how to DJ. fuck already! she showed up to a show, and shit, ill be friendly to just about anyone who isnt a fuckin asshole. and she was respectful and polite, and all around nice to chat with, so i let her be a ghost... how the fuck does it end up all "im producing her next album" or "teaching her to be a DJ" if she wants to do whatever she wants, let er! i dont give a fuck... but why am i involved all of a sudden?


So there you have it... Rumour quelled straight from the mau5's mouth...

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