Thursday, 8 September 2011


Ministry Of Sound, 20th Birthday
This month sees world famous clubbing institution Ministry of Sound celebrate two decades at the forefront of dance music, with a full weekend of birthday celebrations from 16th - 18th September.

With a nod to the club's past, present and future, the birthday weekend will take clubbers on a journey through 20 years of dance music, at the hands of some of the most expert DJs to have ever graced its decks.

The Gallery presents... Ministry of Sound's 20th Birthday

Friday 16th September

Kicking off the TWENTY weekend at the club, The Gallery brings the past, present and future of house music to The Ministry of Sound. A main room melange of Trance heroes in the Box see Jochen Miller, Sied van Riel and Sean Tyas headlined by Mixmag's Greatest DJ of all time, Eddie Halliwell. The 103 meanwhile takes a retrospective look at the best in house, and will be led on this voyage by house music's founding father Danny Rampling. Joining Danny on his journey back through time will be X-Press 2 and Gavyn Mytchel and Steve Lee.

Advance tickets are £15.

Saturday Sessions - The 20th Birthday

Saturday 17th September

Continuing the birthday celebrations into the next night, Saturday Sessions takes over the club on 17th September for an all night blow out featuring 20 DJs until 9am. With the Box taken care of by Nic Fanciulli, Dennis Ferrer, Matthias Tanzmann and Alexis Raphael, the rest of the club will be looked after by Vikings, DJ Mag, Spacestation and Electronic Sessions, bringing a strong line up of electronic talent including Dada Life, T Williams, Cosmonauts and Will Taylor.

Tickets are £15 advance.

20 Years of House

Sunday 18th September

Rounding off a big weekend of birthday celebrations, 20 Years of House will take the club back to its roots, exploring all the sounds that made it what it is today. Celebrating real house music and all that it still stands for, '20 Years of House Music' brings together one of the most interesting line-ups of 2011. Quite possibly the last time that you will see all three house heads play together, Sunday 18th September presents CJ Mackintosh, Frankie Knuckles, David Morales all in the same room for the first time in years. Whether you call them pioneers, inventors or just damn good dj's they sculpted the scene and still are to this day. This night is all about the friends of the club, so the doors open to regulars, past clubbers and anyone with an appreciation of house as an art form. With Farley & Heller plus Claudio Coccoluto also added to the bill, it would be regrettable to miss out.

Tickets are £15 advance

All tickets avaliable HERE
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