Wednesday, 28 September 2011


NHS party drug clinic
Reported by 'The Guardian', the first NHS clinic dedicated to 'club drug' addicts has opened in London. The Club Drug Clinic in Chelsea and Westminster hospital is the work of addiction psychiatrist Dr Owen Bowden-Jones, who said the need for a treatment centre became apparent when 70 people asked to be treated during the clinic’s trial period.

While existing clinics are targeted towards those addicted to the likes of alcohol, heroin and crack cocaine, drugs such as ketamine, ecstasy and 'legal highs' will be within the domain of the Club Drug Clinic. "If someone is using a substance and not having any problems with it, our clinic is not the place for them," Bowden-Jones says in The Guardian’s report. "We are not making any judgment about people's drug use. The resource is for people who run into trouble."

The article also notes that in 2010 41 new substances were produced and a further 20 appeared in the first four months of this year, with new concoctions turning up faster than they can be banned.

According to Bowden-Jones, some of those treated in the clinic’s trial period included a 19-year-old student who developed a "binging pattern on mephedrone" and a 31-year-old woman spending £600 a month on ketamine, crippling her bladder in the process.

"The health risks associated with excessive use of club drugs are underestimated by many people," Bowden-Jones added, "and little is known about the potential problems of the newer drugs."

Sounds like a good idea, although i was under the impression drugs cured cancer...

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