Monday, 21 November 2011


Skrillex, Haters gonna hate
It's probably fair to say that for every devout fan Skrillex has, there's someone else out there just not feeling his harsh beats. So how does that make the dub-step producer feel? Well, his view is pretty much this:

haters gonna hate.

When asked about an 'I Hate Skrillex' page on Facebook in an interview with Mixmag, Skrillex responded "No one in the scene has a problem with me, I come to London and hang out with guys like Skream and Benga. It's just bullshit."

Skrillex also hit out at his critics by referring to them as "crickets", quipping "You can hear them – but when you walk by they shut the fuck up". Meow!

Still, it appears Skrillex is coming out ahead of the haters. While his official page ( has just shy of 2.5 million fans on Facebook, the 'I Hate Skrillex' page only has 378...

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