Monday, 14 November 2011


deadmau5 twitter meltdown
Tough times at the mo for Joel Zimmerman a.k.a deadmau5.
He has just finished his most recent tour (Meowingtons Hax), he's split with Lindsey Gayle, he has no home due to a studio refurb, & it seems the pressure is getting to him...

See below a list of recent tweets...

"whats really fucked up is, i can take a little time off right now to do ANYTHING i love and enjoy, i think i forgot what that is for now”

"sorry people, you're my therapy for now, i think im legitimately depressed.”

"if you cant stand my incessant cries for help and attention, then unfuckingfollow. but im trying to cheer the fuck up. i am.”

"i blame the stress. touring, music making, trying too hard to meet everyones high expectations, making relationships work, projects, house.”

"the worst part is, this is all in my head. and i know that. and i can just stop. why cant i just stop? that's such a headfuck to me.”

"i feel like i've had the best highs in life... even too high. being happy making millions happy. and the lowest lows. nothing in between.”

Chin up Joel. DS loves ya.

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